3 Ways to be a Better Blogger

I started blogging when I was in 6th grade, I learned how to create websites on old platforms (geocities, angelifire, xanga .. you name it!) and having to share your life story (including every heartbreak) were encouraged. Nowadays, blogging has evolved into a platform which may increase your business score, credentials and gain leads.

I get it. Sometimes, in the world where there are just so much noise and people sharing their thoughts on certain topics can be daunting and make you question what you know. Is anyone even reading? Do they care? endless negative thoughts may boggle through you before you even type in the first sentence of your blog post. However, if you don’t begin now and let that thought fly, when will you ever begin? Blogging is worth it.

There are billions of people in the world who are interested in what you have to say! Somewhere in the world is also wondering, wandering and is looking for answers from people who have experienced what they’re thinking of. But, in order to put your message across, you must blog more frequently. Why? you need to build your credibility on the interwebs and these people will come crawling to find you.

The interwebs are always looking to crawl for a fresh, relevant, and up-to-date website with SEO.

Blogging is also a great resource to refer potential clients and vendors to when they have a question that you happened to have an answer in painstaking detail. Talk about opportunity!  When I used to keep a fitness blog, it brought so many fun things – I became a brand ambassador, gone through races, had tons of free stuff and were even paid to post! But, the moment I stopped – everything else did too.  HARD Lesson learned.

Now, knowing is different from actually doing and having to make things happen. How in the world will you be able to accomplish all that is required to get your website going and have fresh content if you’ve got loads to do, chores to face, clients to service and probably engagements to attend to? It may sound like a juggle and to add another task can be problematic.

Fear not! Here are few tips to help you blog more consistently with fresh, up-to-date content you feel great about sharing on a whim! Believe me, I’ve been on that road before wherein I used to blog diligently every day, then dwindled down to once a month to Gonzo!! However, having to apply these tips have helped me to keep myself on top of the game and not neglect my business.



Just like how you pencil in and show up for your meeting engagements or your gym appointments.

Whether you set aside time weekly or monthly to post on your blog, make sure that you’re giving it importance and have it on your priority list. Schedule it just like any other task and stay consistent on when to publish. Without a timeframe or a date, it’s easy to let blogging fall to the wayside (oh, I have been on that road before – several times, and my views and engagements dwindled).  If you’re in the mood to write more than just a post, schedule them to be posted or released strategically to give yourself a breathing room to write more. This will ensure you have plenty of content being posted automatically until your next blogging date with yourself.  The routine and habit will build momentum. And, once it’s there – take advantage and just blog right in!


.. and, I meant, have a pen and paper handy near you all the time.

When you get to look at my bag, you’ll at least see three notebooks – a planner, random ideas notebook and minutes of the meeting notepad. Even when you’re not on your scheduled blog date with yourself, having your pen and paper will do a whole lot of wonders! I tried to note take them on my phone but the tendency is, my mind thinks faster than how I type. I figured, nothing beats the fresh pages of paper and having your handwriting catch up to your brain.

If you feel like writing, write.  Keeping this running list will always give you a helping hand to further inspire your readers then transfer them to your blog.


You’re probably meeting people left and right or have been chatting with a whole bunch of people every day. It’s highly probable they may have asked you a question or two which can spark inspiration for you to further expound and talk about on your blog. This is a great way to ensure you are posting content that your readers are actually interested in. People have asked you anyway, why not write about it? Do it!

Take note of questions if you get asked on a regular basis. Now, how can you take those questions one step further? Expound it. Having to actually sit on it will give you more time to think more through. These will also strengthen the angles for your content.

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What are you waiting for? pencil in the next month’s blog meetings on your planner, and get that rolling list of ideas started today! Don’t fuss much if you’re not a natural writer. JUST WRITE.



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