I learned it all from Mommy.

Our mothers teach us life lessons everyday which we may not otherwise stop to ponder over and think about. This Mother’s Day, The After Six Club would want to share few lessons which we realized were lessons we, as entrepreneurs, can and have learned from our mothers – the real wonder women, super women and the entire justice league in a person – all together, in our lives.

Starting a business is hard work. We are filled with challenges, countless sleepless nights, infinite hours of work, excess coffee, deadlines, and everyday struggles. So is bearing and raising a child. Ever wondered how she was able to prioritized all responsibilities from home to work and the in-betweens?


Efficiency is close to excellence. Being a mother is no joke given the amount of demands she needs to pay attention to 24/7. She makes everything URGENT seem like an easy task to accomplish. They quickly know where to spend more energy and can determine what truly essential. As leaders, we’re expected to respect everyone’s valuable time.


We all know when it comes to money and deals, our mom is the best person to run to, to weigh in the discussion. The power of words and persuasion is innate. Remember those days when you wouldn’t want to eat those greens as a kid? Yep, they certainly made us believe those were super foods of princesses, and super heroes.

In business, at times, we encounter difficulties and challenges with regards to selling our products, brand and solutions. Run to Mommy’s ways, you’ll never go wrong in winning that sale or closing that deal.


On the dictionary, it states that Grit enables an individual to persevere in accomplishing a goal despite obstacles over an extended period.

Doesn’t that remind you of our Mom on making sure we’ve accomplished our homework, aced every test and do good on our chosen extra-curricular activities despite limitations, and challenges.


They weren’t kidding when they said that Entrepreneurship will require you so much more than what you currently know especially when you’re bootstrapped. Being resourceful and a multitasker are traits every chief and founder must posses. However, it’s important to understand that at times, doing everything can result in nothing and certain tasks must be delegated.

Now, can you kindly please wash those dishes?


There were numerous times when Mom let us cry like a baby even if strangers were already staring at our spoiled selves. It is through persistence when we were taught independence and mindfulness. Making us independent is one of the greatest training our mom’s have let us become. We looked silly crying on the floor! What were we thinking?

In business (especially in startups), persistence is the key to achieving goals especially when you’d have to be faced with numerous solutions to get to the end-result.

Heart for our business, just like how much heart our moms gives us have and can do wonders – putting yourselves in the shoes of your customers (of others) and understanding your employees concerns and needs , give us valuable insights to not only better our business strategy but build an environment of trust and growth.

Most of the time plans fails us and it continuously needs to be deconstructed. With dedication and commitment, – together with heart and persistence – will make us reach the end-goal.

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