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About Kassy

Aside from this realm, Kassy also maintain the Flexitarian Runaholic Diary where she document her fitness journey.

This is where Kassy will be posting non-sporting activities about her thoughts about career, food, travel, products and anything under the sun.

There are so much to explore. There are so much stories to tell. How would want to tell yours?

365 days -and as the song goes, 525,600 minutes, there will always be at least one thing that you’ll be grateful for. Look around, and here, Kassy expresses to share to you what she has found beautiful in her surroundings and through other people or places she encounter.

Kassy occasionally surf especially during off-training season and aim to consciously live life to the fullest. She practices Yoga, enjoys cycling and do frequent runs (a marathoner!) and pool time.

She registered her own events and media relations company, as she puts her business into legitimacy: KAS EVENTS MANAGEMENT and calls herself as the Chief Encouragement Officer. Kassy handles pocket and on-field events, she enjoys all these exciting product launches, hosting/emcee and Media Relations should you have products you’d want to create buzz for both traditional and digital media.

She used to operate a free lifestyle magazine called FTW Magazine.

Once lived in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Yangon, Myanmar ; Kassy fell in-love with the richness of culture, and having to acquaint herself on exploring and understanding the world. Her aim is to travel solo as often as she can or whenever it’s plausible.

About Just Kas

I’ve tried and underwent so many things but there are more than what life has in store, there’s so much more for me to learn, no such thing as failure“, she says.  Always face your fear, sharpen skills and aim to flourish. This is where she’d want to document her journey towards expanding her capabilities hoping to share the love to awaken your passion in life filled with positivity.

Let’s share each other’s stories and experiences. This is where I’ll share my testimonies,” she added.” I believe every person’s story is significant and we all have a responsibility to do work that matters.”

365 days in Manila, Philippines and elsewhere.

Got a product,hotel, restaurant, or class you’d like me to review?

please feel free to email me at mail@kassypajarillo.com
I look forward to working with you.

She’s also active on social media. Her handle is @Kassypajarillo

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