How do you make use of your influence and voice?
What makes a great leader?
How can I find happiness?
Is this the career for me?
How do you survive Adulting?!
Is there a manual for this?

One of The After Six Club’s mission and goal is to see people together, sharing stories, experience, and generous wisdom on their expertise and lessons.

Everyone has a voice. Having to exchange thoughts and discussions have been beyond inspiring. When we first held the¬†#LinkedInLocalPH¬†meet-up at a Coffee shop in January, it was filled with vibrant honesty and enthusiasm and we’re glad to have been able to give you that safe space where you can share, inquire and learn from one another.

From LinkedIn and Social Media; Now, we get to share it with a bigger crowd – offline.

Let’s face it, one way or another, we’ve sought for a mentor, a friend or someone outside your inner circle especially when life gets dimmed by disappointment over time.

This is your community.

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