September 9, 2017 marked the first anniversary of the Implementing Rules and Regulations (“IRR”) of the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (“DPA”). It marks the end of the period originally given to organizations—both public and private—to comply with the provisions of the DPA by conducting their own gap analyses or impact assessments and crafting the roadmap by which to structure their own compliance processes.

But how clear is this roadmap?
One year after the promulgation of the IRR, in negotiating the road to full compliance, organizations have been faced with multifaceted issues relating to Data Privacy, from securing the consent of the data subject all the way to the question of minimum compliance. A full resolution of these issues calls for a keen and nuanced understanding of the Data Privacy Act.

The Disini & Disini Law Office organized this symposium with the hope of providing a nuanced reading of the Data Privacy Act. By resolving these issues surrounding the law, organizations can now move forward with their own compliance process, without the fear of making a faux pas that would prove costly in the future.

As the compliance period draws to a close, it is imperative that the road to compliance be made as smooth as possible.

Regardless of breadth, organizations would require all the assistance if they hope to fully align with the demands of the Data Privacy Act.

The “Hot Topics” portion of the symposium is a Q&A session devoted to answering queries of the participants according to the most pressing issues of the Data Privacy Act. The questions will be fielded by the Disini Law Privacy Core Team of the Disini & Disini Law Office. 

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