#LinkedInLocal: Women Empowerment, Building Your Influence & Tribe

We’re celebrating #WomenEmpowerment next month for our third #linkedinlocal #linkedinlocalPH meet-up. No business cards, no agenda, just be your authentic awesome self.

Register: bit.ly/LinkedinLocalPH

We’ll be joined by two empowered women in technology and marketing influence on March 21, Wednesday, at Clock-in Bonifacio Global City.

Access to technology, control of it, and the ability to create and shape it, is a fundamental issue of women’s human rights. We are part of the generation of women entrepreneurs whose initiative aims to help end the gender technology gap and empower women and girls to create innovative solutions to advance equality in their communities.

the technology sector can play a significant role in empowering women both in the workplace and at home—and businesses stand to benefit having women on board.

Women are naturally compassionate and multi-taskers. Let’s hear it from these two empowered women who took courage in another level bringing passion into a purpose to making a difference.

Let’s us all #EMBRANCEAMBITION. Please share!

For partners, sponsors and those who’d want to become speakers for the next ones, you may contact mail@theaftersix.club

Reserve a Slot

Food, Beverages & Loot

You may register through http://bit.ly/LinkedinLocalPH or https://goo.gl/forms/dewLqVJJhqdoPfxC3
This will cover costs for food, beverages, and materials which may be given out to the participants. We are currently a non-profit, all-volunteer organization.
You may email your intent through mail@theaftersix.club or message @kassypajarillo on twitter or on LinkedIn.
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