The Lifestyle Entrepreneur Summit

The Lifestyle Entrepreneur Summit is For:

Employees who want to start an online business on the side. I’m one of the few people who will STOP you from quitting your job so you can start an online business. My advice has always stayed the same: “quit your job when your side income has equal or surpassed your job’s monthly income.

On January 20, you’ll learn how to do that. The speakers (including me) will show you the exact steps, our thought processes, the do’s and don’t’s, how to do it safely, and so much more.

Freelancers who want to take their game to the next level. If you’re a struggling freelancer, you feel you’re “stuck” or not earning the fees you deserve, this is definitely for you.

You’ll hear great insights from Jason Dulay (who has helped Filipinos earn 100K/mo) on how to turn yourself into a “Magnetic” freelancer.

Marketers who want fresh ideas on how to market and sell their products online. J3 Patino, Richie Salvador, and myself will share tips, tactics, strategies, and systems we’ve used to create million-peso product launches.

Entrepreneurs who want to meet other successful entrepreneurs, create new connections, and potentially build partnerships with future influencers. You’ll also leave with bucket loads of new information you won’t hear anywhere else except inside the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Summit.

Business Owners who want clarity on how a strong online presence can help them reach new customers, expand their business, and earn more money. You’ll also have the chance to meet writers, marketers, virtual assistants, social media managers, and other professionals that could potentially help your business grow.

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Jason Dulay is a “Digital Nomad” that has helped thousands of Filipinos double and triple their income. Now, it’s your turn. Jason will show you his “Road to P100K/mo” blueprint and how this allowed OFWs to earn dollars from the Philippines, housewives to earn more than their husbands, and overworked Filipinos work from the comfort of their homes. Learn more about Jason, his lifestyle, his freelancing career, and how he's able to build a “Tribe” of customers that enabled him to live a nomadic lifestyle this January 20 in the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Summit.
In 2012, J3 Patino resigned from his job as a public school teacher teaching 100 students, while earning P18,000 a month. Four years later, he's still a teacher but his number of students has grown to more than 30,000. In the span of four years, he was able to… Create 7 online courses Sold total of 12M worth of information products Make P1.09M in 5 days Ask clients to pay him P15,000 for three 30-minute online coaching calls per month. ...and he's now earning P131,000 each month by teaching on topics he's super passionate about, through the internet. On January 20, he's going to share with you the lessons he's learned from his journey going zero to P100,000 plus every single month.
Richie Salvador owns an ecommerce store that generates $150,000+ (yes, US dollars) a month. He's now turning his store into a brand. He already has a fulfillment center in the US, a supplier that produces his products, labeling, bar coding etc. He's also expanding to Amazon and sending his products there. And it all started in August 2016 -- where he created a site within an hour...made his first sale in 3 days...and made his first million pesos in less than a year. On January 20, Richie will share his journey, mistakes he wants you to avoid, best practices, how to "learn while doing" and how to 10x your business with Facebook Ads, Adwords, Instagram Ads, and email.
Burn Gutierrez is a respected personality in the Personal Finance Industry. He's the Chairman of Angat Pilipinas Coalition for Financial Literacy, financial advisor to Bo Sanchez, Truly Rich Club newsletter contributor, and award-winning author. His current online income, which made him give up his corporate career here and abroad, comes mostly from his online life and financial coaching, selling recorded courses, digital guides, social media marketing, hosting webinars, Airbnb hosting, writing gigs, and blogging. On January 20, we have the privilege to hear Burn speak and teach us how to make money with Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Online Seminars in the Personal Finance Niche.

All day access.

Now, it’s no secret our speakers are entrepreneurs and business owners. They maximize their time and earning potential as much as they can. That’s why if you’re going to hire each of them separately for a whole-day of one-on-one business consultation… Jason Dulay fee: 20,000 pesos J3 Patino fee: 20,000 pesos Richie Salvador fee: 15,000 pesos Burn Gutierrez fee: 12,000 pesos will cost you AT LEAST P67,000. That sounds ridiculous, but people are actually willing and happy to pay them those fees. Our speakers are experts and influencers in their chosen fields. Clients who pay them 12,000 pesos, 15,000 pesos, 25,000 pesos know that one day with them can 10X a business’ revenue. Now, you will enjoy the same benefits of getting a coaching call or consult without paying that much. In fact, you won’t have to pay P30,000. You won’t have to pay P15,000 You won’t even have to pay P7,500 One Lifestyle Entrepreneur Summit Ticket costs ONLY P6,000 and you will hear each speaker teach for more than 90 minutes, ask them ANYTHING during the Q&A session, and meet them after. However, there is a catch! Only 500 people are only allowed inside the summit. And as of this writing, we've sold over 400 tickets already. ...which means less than 100 seats are available.
​The Lifestyle Entrepreneur Summit will happen at AIM Conference Makati on January 20, 2018.
Here’s what happens after you buy... You’ll receive an online receipt that will be delivered to your email. This will serve as your proof of purchase. But you won’t need that on January 20, 2018. Once you purchased a ticket, filled in your name, and other details, your information will automatically appear on our guest list. You only need to show up before 8 AM, get a seat closest to the stage, and get ready to learn. And if you want to make the most out of this event, bring a pen and notebook. Jot down everything you believe will be useful to you and your business. And after seeing the outlines of their presentations, I know for certain you’ll write a lot. Now, if you’re still contemplating whether this is right for you, that’s okay. You can send me a question on Facebook or send me an email. I’ll do my best to respond (I get over 30 emails from different people a day) But I have to remind you that you need to ACT FAST and ACT NOW because... FIRST WARNING: TIME IS A FACTOR The P1,500 off discount will only last until January 19, 2018. After that, it won’t be offered at that price ever again. So you need to act fast. The second reason why you need to act now is because... SECOND WARNING: LIMITED SEATS Only 500 seats are available. And as of this writing, over 400 seats were already taken. If you want to take advantage of this rare occasion where 4 Filipino entrepreneurs share their journeys, secret methods, never before heard tactics, and business strategies, then buy a ticket to the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Summit right now. Click the button below to reserve your spot.
Step 1: Go to any BDO branch nationwide and deposit P4,500 to the account below. BDO Savings Account: 002370345892 Account Name: Nolasco V. Orana BDO Branch: Mall of Asia Step 2: Write your complete name and phone # on the deposit slip. Scan or take a clear picture of your deposit slip and email it to Step 3: Send an SMS TXT to +63-917-148-5036 (Globe) or +63-950-678-4862 (Talk N Text) to inform us of your deposit amount. After 48 hours, you'll receive an SMS and/or email from us stating that you're now enrolled in my exclusive "The Lifestyle Entrepreneur Summit". ​
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