The Data Privacy Act applies to all organizations, regardless of size – from small-scale, to medium and large-scale, whether public or private.
All organizations that face risks in terms of data privacy vulnerabilities, including those who wish to further their understanding of the Data Privacy Act, are encouraged to attend the symposium.

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TRAIN Workshop 2018

A workshop to further educate and explain how TRAIN will affect your business and the Filipino people.

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The First Internal Auditors’ Summit 2018

The First Internal Auditors’ Summit envisions to impart as
much learning as possible, to encompass such a multifaceted
IA role. The main thrust of this learning journey is for
the IA practitioner to add value to his practice, and translate
learning into a tangible contribution to the organization’s bottom-line.

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The Lifestyle Entrepreneur Summit

4 Filipino Millionaires Will Give You “Behind-the-Scenes” Access to their Internet Businesses and TEACH YOU HOW IT ALL WORKS.

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