Protected: NEW YOU: 30 Days Project eBook

Protected: NEW YOU: 30 Days Project eBook

We are a community of almost 300 Yogi’s!

We’re excited to run the FIRST online accountability buddy exclusive-access facebook group page because you signed up for yoga+ and yoga+express New Year, New Body, New Lifestyle (NYNBNL) Project 2018.

This community exists so you can get the support you need in looking your best and feeling your best this 2018! We will provide daily tips on healthy habits that can be built up over a month’s time.

We cover three components:

(1) How You Move,

(2) How You Eat, and

(3) How You Heal.

This is a program that not only addresses weight issues but also gets to the root of happiness—that is, loving yourself completely by taking care of both your physical and emotional health! The NYNBNL Project support group welcomes: – Discussions and sharing of one’s personal thoughts, insights, learnings, struggles, and challenges be they physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. – Posting of useful articles, videos, blogs, and other resources that are life-enhancing. – Supporting each other in our yoga, health, mindfulness, and wellness habits and goals, giving each other that extra push when we need it, and always from a place of compassion and kindness. Are you ready to look your best and feel your best, starting this year and moving all the way forward? Let’s do this!

Let us know what you think of the ebook!