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On Changing Careers & Purpose

Anika De Rosas has always been a woman in and of service who’s family comes first. A passionate writer, hotelier by profession turned financial Advisor for PRU LIFE. Anika took service in a form of helping others achieve their financial goals and financial freedom. 8 months in, she already bagged the rookie awards and broke records in achieving and accomplishing the award in less than a year.

How did she do it? We asked Anika, read along:

1. Is transitioning to a new career scary?

Yes. It’s scary. And I’m the type of person who has a lot of fears, worries. But it being scary shouldn’t stop you from making the jump, because then your fears would be in control of you, instead of the other way around. 

It’s scary but it’s also very exciting.

2. Now that you’re on sales, If you could go back and switch your college major, would you? What is the common denominator of the careers you’ve been into to where you are now?

No. I wouldn’t switch major. I’m not the type to look back, into the past, and ponder on what could have been. I live with the decisions I have made, I’m proud of the path I’ve walked (though imperfect), and now I’m working on bettering the path that I’m walking down. 

The common denominator is that all the jobs I’ve held were in sales. The difference lies in how rewarding and purposeful the jobs were or are. 

3. How was your beginning like as you transitioned from being a hotelier and a financial advisor?

It was a little tricky. I went from a corporate 9-5 to a flexible, do it your own way job. My OCD and perfectionist self kind of went crazy. But I got all the good parts of working in the corporate world and translated it into my new work habits. 

4. What did you do in 8 months which you think have brought you to where you are? 

I worked and I prayed. I didn’t stop doing either of those things. Yes, I took breaks – which is healthy, to be with my family, etc. – but in sales, the faster you work, the harder you work, the better the results. 

The best thing about a job in sales is knowing that everything is deliberate. 

5. If there’s one piece of career advise you could give to others struggling to figure it out, what would it be?

Not everyone will find what is considered to be their “perfect job”. So instead of focusing on finding that, we can instead focus on finding the “perfect purpose”. The reason why we work. The motivation to do better. The goals we want to reach. 

All these “whys” will help us move forward, find ourselves, find happiness in our careers and above all, give us purpose. 

Anika de Rosas is part of the third #LinkedinLocal event held at Clock-in Bonifacio Hightstreet on March 21, 2018 to celebrate Women Empowerment: Build your Influence & Tribe


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