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Heels to Flipflops.

On being a Mompreneur

Ginger Arboleda kicked off her corporate suit and heels from being a banker and an Advertising agency’s account executive to a fulfilling 24/7 day job: mommy, wife, entrepreneur, freelancer, blogger and biz coach with her flipflops on.

She’s the COO of Taxumo, solopreneur of Manila Workshops and a full time mother to Zeekah.

Heels to flipflops? Because motherhood is more than just a full time job. It’s a lifechager, read on:

1. Can you explain how you ended up in Taxumo? 

For my business, Manila Workshops, I was the one who was doing my taxes. I was always so stressed about it that my husband and I decided to try and automate some processes. This was the birth of Taxumo.

2. How was the experience? Was forming a company a breeze? 

Well, we were lucky to have chosen the right people to be our business partners. There were challenges along the way, but if you really want to be successful in this industry or at anything, you should know when to pivot and when to persevere.

3. Can you talk about how that transition took place? Is it sustainable? 

The transition to having my own business was hard. During the first few months, business was slow. I wanted to go back to my corporate job. But things started to pick up and everything was great afterwards. So far, it has been an enjoyable journey

4. You mentioned before that your pain points is a good indicator and motivator to start something. Can you elaborate? 

If it’s something that you need (of course, validate if the world needs it, too!), start from there. If it is a solution to something that you wish you could have or something that makes your life easier, start from there.

5. Do you have any career advise for wannabe career changers? 

The first thing that you need to do really is to write a plan — write a plan for all your ideas and things that you foresee will happen in the future.


Ginger Arboleda is part of the third #LinkedinLocal event held at Clock-in Bonifacio Hightstreet on March 21, 2018 to celebrate Women Empowerment: Build your Influence & Tribe

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